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Thursday, March 25th, 2010

From The Elements of Style's chapter on Misused Words and Expressions:

-oriented. A clumsy, pretentious device, much in vogue. Find a better way of indicating orientation or alignment or direction.

They suggest instead of

It was a manufacturing-oriented company.
Many of the skits are situation-oriented.

it's better to say:

It was a company chiefly concerned with manufacturing.
Many of the skits rely on the situation.

So for the second edition of "Object-Oriented JavaScript" should I suggest to the publisher the title "JavaScript chiefly concerned with objects" or "JavaScript that mainly relies on objects" or maybe "Programming with the JavaScript Language while Mainly Concerned with the Use, Nurture and Care of Objects":)

My minicards

Friday, February 20th, 2009

my mini cards

So I'm a proud owner of 100 awesome mini cards with my book cover on the back.

Two days ago I realized I'm meeting a lot of people next week, and, again, I don't have any cards. So I thought it would be nice to have one of those mini cards (or moo cards) to give away.

Struggled a bit with the self-editor on until I read the instructions on the card dimension. So I finally got it right and was ready to order, but then realized the shipping will take well over a week. Clearly not good.

Tried also but their prices were outrageous.

Evetually made it work with and now I got the cards in the mail. I ordered Wednesday night after hours and received them on Friday. Nice. Maybe the fact that they are a local company from Glendale, CA has something to do with it. Shipping was free so with the sales tax and I got my cards for $20 and a few cents. Pretty cool. And now that I blogged about it, they'll send me 100 free cards, yeey.

Two recommendations for MyMiniCards:

  1. publish the dimensions of the card or better yet, provide a template like I ended up creating an image way bigger than I need with black background, so that I can position it exactly the way I want.From "The dimensions of the cards are published here at the bottom of the page and we do have a template available here." I guess I was too frustrated with and too inpatient to look for instructions.
  2. A "rest-assured" preview later in the process, or a PDF email will be cool. Up until I received the cards, I was worried I messed up the possioning of the background. All was good, but I was a wee nervous. From my POV I took my chances paying for something I'm not 100% how it looks

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