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Last night I went to see Primus at the Greek Theatre in LA and (because why the hell not) thought I should bike the 15 miles from home to the Greek Theatre. And back.

The trip was a pilgrimage of sorts. A music lover's visit to the Holy Lands of LA. Went past the unmarked grave of Frank Zappa, then bumped into a jolly gay event on Santa Monica blvd (everyone was fabulous), then Sunset boulevard with the Rainbow room (which on several Gun's Roses videos), Viper room, Whiskey a Go-Go (where The Doors took off), few chuckles by the Hustler store, the House of Blues, then Hollywood boulevard (partially closed because of yet another premiere with celebrities walking about the Chinese Theatre).

The trip length was off by a lot from what google maps says, so I missed the opening act (Fishbone), but was on time to enjoy Primus.

The show was great and the band is really really good. I've never listened to Primus carefully before I bought a ticket for the show but have listened to the last album "Green Naugahyde" a lot since. So I'm not very familiar with their old stuff, but I love the new album. One of the surprises (other than discovering how good the guitarist is and, of course, the bass player is totally nuts) was how the bassist plays this fast figure from "Eyes of the squirrel" and sings at the same time. I think humans need more than one brain for such independent tasks. Also funny was look of the audience, half of the dudes were copies of the bassist with big glasses, various facial hair styles and optional hat. Intellectual chic of sorts.

Anyway, enjoy some crappy photos, and, if you're curious, youtube has some videos of the memorable night.






Beverly Hills cop

And to wrap up the rock pilgrimage experience, I had an encounter with the Law. You see I was riding the bike past midnight on Sunset Blvd in the Beverly Hills part and this police car stops me (blue-red lights flashing and all). Reason is I don't have lights on the bike. The cop starts asking me questions (I think the point was to check whether I wasn't drunk or anything) like where am I going? where's home? where was I before? where do I work? I'm currently all bearded and desperately trying to grow some of what hair I have left and overall don't look very respectable. The cop asks me to sit on the sidewalk while he's requesting a check on the radio with my drivers license. Another police car comes. So there I am, sitting on the sidewalk like a real criminal (or a naughty rock star, as I would choose to remember), two police cars partially blocking Sunset boulevard, two cops around me. Fun. It was a night to remember.

As it turns out I don't have a police record, all is fine, we separate on great terms and I'm thinking: man, I should've asked to cop with the bigger car give me ride home because this bike was a little too much.

2 Responses to “Primus”

  1. On Stephanie said:

    15 mile bike ride and police hassle probably trumps $20 parking any day. 🙂

  2. On admin said:

    Haha, plus I got the best parking spot ever – a lamp post right next to the gate.

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