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My minicards

Friday, February 20th, 2009

my mini cards

So I'm a proud owner of 100 awesome mini cards with my book cover on the back.

Two days ago I realized I'm meeting a lot of people next week, and, again, I don't have any cards. So I thought it would be nice to have one of those mini cards (or moo cards) to give away.

Struggled a bit with the self-editor on until I read the instructions on the card dimension. So I finally got it right and was ready to order, but then realized the shipping will take well over a week. Clearly not good.

Tried also but their prices were outrageous.

Evetually made it work with and now I got the cards in the mail. I ordered Wednesday night after hours and received them on Friday. Nice. Maybe the fact that they are a local company from Glendale, CA has something to do with it. Shipping was free so with the sales tax and I got my cards for $20 and a few cents. Pretty cool. And now that I blogged about it, they'll send me 100 free cards, yeey.

Two recommendations for MyMiniCards:

  1. publish the dimensions of the card or better yet, provide a template like I ended up creating an image way bigger than I need with black background, so that I can position it exactly the way I want.From "The dimensions of the cards are published here at the bottom of the page and we do have a template available here." I guess I was too frustrated with and too inpatient to look for instructions.
  2. A "rest-assured" preview later in the process, or a PDF email will be cool. Up until I received the cards, I was worried I messed up the possioning of the background. All was good, but I was a wee nervous. From my POV I took my chances paying for something I'm not 100% how it looks

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