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new strings and a mike

A trip to guitar center today. Got myself new strings, because I lost my sixth a week ago - nylon classic strings d'Addario, "normal" thickness. Don't quite like the first three, sound kinda "meh", will go for thicker, harder strings next time, even if they slow down my virtuoso solos. But the sound of the D, A and E when they are new - priceless!

Also got a mike, turns out the same type of mike (the "condensed" type) is what you need for recording voice for podcasts and screencasts and for recording acoustic guitar. I naturally went for the cheapest mike they carry in Guitar Center, CAD U37, $69, with USB. Plug and record 🙂

So here's the first result, a Zeppelin song (I can't remember the name though, duh), instrumental by Jimmy Page. Recorded in the bathroom, as you can tell by the echo.


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5 Responses to “new strings and a mike”

  1. On Chad said:

    Stoyan, sounds great… keep at it man!

  2. On Tenni Theurer said:

    Nice! I love the melody – very peaceful.

  3. On admin said:

    Thanks Chad, Tenni 🙂

  4. On “Spanish Me, Caravan” - 6 new recordings @ Stoyan Stefanov said:

    […]   « new strings and a mike […]

  5. On Charles Hubert said:

    Stoyan, sounds great… keep at it man!;. All the best!!

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