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I got the flu’s blues

I switched to a Mac a few weeks ago, so still learning my way around it and today I tried to record a bit of a song in Garage Band. Pretty decent program, I would say. On Windows I was using Audacity. In any case, I don't have big requirements, I just want to be able to record two or more tracks and then mix them.

I've been sick for a few days, fever, sore throat, and feeling rather miserable. Hence the name of the song 🙂

I got the flu's

The song has two tracks - one lead guitar and one background - drums and second guitar. The drums and the guitar effect come from my simple processor. Seems like Garage Band has much more drums, so I'll probably be experimenting with those.

Here's an MP3 of the background only, without the lead guitar, in case you play an instrument and feel like improvising a blues in E-flat.

I got the flu's (no lead)

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  2. On David Barnes said:

    Amazing. Can we have some singing next time please? (Once the flu’s cleared up.)

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